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DoT Technology


BEL sees how Data on Things technology can change the way consumers engage with products, advertisements and the physical retail space. Using your mobile device, scan a product's packaging, a printed advertisement or graphics on an in-store display to unlock information to help you make your final purchase decision. 

What is DoT Technology?

DoT (Data on Things) is a technology / service delivering a variety of content by inserting data on different objects through coding technique (Image Coding, Sound Coding, Digital Coding).

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Use Cases

In-store display: User scans an image on the in-store display to launch an e-commerce website.

Packaging: User scans the product's packaging to open the product's website.

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Authentication System: Scan the product's label to check its authenticity.

Product Sales Video: Scan TV ad sounds to make a purchase.

How it works:

Image Coding

Image coding is a technique to provide various types of information by applying dot patterns, color patterns, latent image and digital patterns. 

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Sound Coding

Sound coding inserts data on sounds without the use of chips, providing a variety of content by analyzing it and it is classified into live sound coding and pre sound coding.

LIVE Sound

Unlike the methods of inserting data on existing frequencies, this technique delivers information without changing broadcast content or sound.

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PRE Sound

Inserts data before sending the content (Vod, Clip) and when the content is sent, it analyzes the sound delivering the appropriate information.

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