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Brands and retailers often come to BEL with issues surrounding inventory management. With CoolR technologies, out of stocks and merchandising issues can be decreased by 50%+. 

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For Brands

Brands can use the Vista camera to monitor their inventory and prepare for replenishments. 

For Retailers

Retailers can use CoolR technology to provide data for brands on foot traffic and dwell times. Additionally, CoolR can provide district sales analytics so store managers can keep up to date with how their district is performing. 

Use Cases

Coolr Group's proprietary machine learning platform is able to detect out of stock, planogram non-compliance, foreign product and pricing inaccuracies on retail shelves and beverage coolers.

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Chest Coolers

The Product: CoolR Vista


  • Peel and stick camera: 30 second installation 

  • Massive field of vision

  • Low power wifi chip

  • Captures hi-resolution pictures on retail shelves and coolers

Maximize Sales on the CoolR Sales Dashboard

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